Tubo, découverte de l'Oie

Un bel aperçu de nos différentes entrées d'oie et de canard

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2 x Block of duck’s foie gras

Lobes of foie gras worked together mechanically, then emulsified to give a foie gras that is smooth and regular in consistency.

1 x Block of goose’s foie gras

Reconstituted goose foie gras, mechanically processed, salted and peppered.

1 x Duck’s pâté

A slice of bread and here's an appetizer.

1 x Farmhouse pâté

The rustic one. Essential for your picnics!

1 x Duck rillettes

Rillettes delicately spiced with orange and Armagnac.

33,10 €
Poids net : 390g
Poids brut : 800g
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Tubo, découverte de l'Oie

Tubo, découverte de l'Oie

Un bel aperçu de nos différentes entrées d'oie et de canard

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Osez découvrir la saveur de l'Oie. Le Tubo contient également du canard pour que vous puissiez mieux comparer les nuances.


  • 2 Bloc de foie gras de canard nature (65g)
  • 1 Bloc de foie gras d'Oie nature (65g)
  • 1 Pâté campagnard (65g)
  • 1 Pâté de canard (65g)
  • 1 Rilettes de canard (65g)

Our quality charter

    canards francais 

    We only work with French farm ducks raised on GM-free corn. Our products are made according to tradition without coloring or preservative. We have a certification which imposes strict specifications on all stages of production, from force-feeding to manufacturing to ensure a French South-West origin. All our products are guaranteed. However, we are not responsible for those processed by you.

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